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Young pussy for your birthday Added: 2018-02-07 09:13:39 Young pussy for your birthday My boyfriend had a birthday that day and I totally forgot! I rushed to the shop to at least buy him some chocolates, but that wasn’t enough. Then I remembered that I had this see-through black robe and he never saw me in it. “That’s it”, I thought. “I will be his present.” I showered, dressed in the said robe and waited for him to come back home. When he saw me, he was very surprised. When I gave him his birthday wishes and I told him that I’m his gift, he was very happy. We got on the bed and started our foreplay. I sat in front of him with my legs spread wide and took the robe off of my shoulders. I caressed my small titties and I saw in his face ... Read More
A favor paid with amazing sex Added: 2018-02-07 09:06:12 A favor paid with amazing sex One day I decided there was no more time to wait – I should pay my debt. There was this one guy, he helped me in the past and I owed him a favor. I didn’t have too much money and he always claimed to not need any help from me. There was one thing I’m good at that he could accept as my payment though. He was surprised, seeing me at his doorstep, wearing a mini dress and a pair of heels, but he let me in. He sat on a couch and asked why I came. I didn’t answer. Instead I started dancing slowly, spinning my ass in front of his eyes and raising the edge of my dress. I had no panties so when I lifted my dress up, showing him my naked ass and pussy, he looked s... Read More
My first big black dick Added: 2018-02-07 08:56:14 I always remembered myself to be intimidated by huge black cocks. I’m a petite Asian and I guess I was afraid sex would hurt that way. However, when this one guy called me to hire me for his private housekeeper with some extra duties, my curiosity won and I agreed to his offer. When I got to his house, he gave me a box and told me to wear the costume that is inside. It was a string costume with a few pieces of white lace here and there to make it look like a very revealing housekeeper uniform – my titties weren’t covered at all. I found him sitting in the living room, waiting for me. I grabbed a whisk and started teasing him with it. He was looking at me, waiting for my next move. I to... Read More
Sex tape with my step brother Added: 2018-02-07 08:41:59 Sex tape with my step brother It was just a normal day. I just got out of the shower and only in my panties I lay on bed and called my friend to talk about girly stuff. When I hung up I heard something in my closet. I got up and saw my step brother recording me. What a creep. I told him to get out but she wasn’t ashamed, he even told me to get down on my knees and suck his dick. I felt weird about that but on the other hand his confidence turned me on. Kinda hesitant about that I kneeled and put his dick in my mouth. I was still feeling odd so I tried to make him change his mind but he was stubborn and told me to continue. He told me if I was a good girl he would reward me. I felt my pussy ... Read More
Outdoors tittie fucking Added: 2018-02-07 08:36:26 I was in the middle of the wood, trying to get to the city. I finally saw a car so I decided to stop it and ask if a driver could give me a lift. In the vehicle there were two men. They agreed to take me with them but not for free. I agreed and got in the car. We stopped in a place where nobody should catch us. I undressed and showed the two my big, natural tits. The other man was recording the whole thing with his phone. The driver told me to lie down on a blanket. I did as I was told and I held my breasts so he could tittie-fuck me. I couldn’t resist the view of the huge cock in front of my face, so I bent my head to it and started to lick and suck on him. I felt I was getting wet and a... Read More
Prescription for sex Added: 2018-02-07 06:30:40 Prescription for sex You were in a serious trouble. Recently you had to go to the hospital and in turned out your insurance didn’t cover some of the treatments you had to go through. All in all, you owed a lot of money to the hospital. You went to the principal of this facility to talk about postponing the payment. You had no idea that the principal is a blonde sex goddess. She agreed to give you some more time but not for free. That being said, she placed her foot on your crotch, giving you an idea of what the cost of postponing was. You nodded and she immediately got down on her knees to take off your pants. You were kinda surprised by the whole situation - the sex bomb agreeing to your ... Read More
Cleaning your dirty thoughts Added: 2018-02-07 06:27:25 Cleaning your dirty thoughts One day you decided your apartment was too big for you to clean, especially that you spent most of your day at work so you hired a cleaning lady. It was a relief and trouble at the same time. She had a perfect body and with every day you wanted to fuck her more. You decided it was finally the day to do it. You were sitting comfortably on the couch while she was finishing cleaning the floor and you pulled your dick out and started jerking off. She saw what you were doing and felt embarrassed. You asked her to give you a special service for money. She was hesitant at first but she agreed. She started striping down for you and with every second she was getting more ... Read More
Blowing pipes in the bathroom Added: 2018-02-07 06:22:01 Blowing pipes in the bathroom You got the order to repair the sink today. It was your first order of the day so full of energy, you went to the given address. A beautiful woman in a short nightgown opened the door. You’re a gentleman, so you didn’t want to show how it turned you on, but it was hard to focus on what she said when the nipples of her big tits almost protruded from the gown. You went to the bathroom. You lay on the floor to have a better access to the pipes while she sat on the toilet to watch you. You’re working to solve the problem and she suddenly sighs so you look at her. She tells you she now realized she has no money. ‘How can I pay you’, she asks, her tone sugge... Read More
Candles, flowers and fucking on the floor Added: 2018-02-07 06:15:29 Candles, flowers and fucking on the floor You two have your first relationship anniversary and you decided to make it special. You booked a room in a five-star hotel in Hawaii, brought flowers and set a lot of candles on the floor. Earlier you two had dinner in a restaurant and then you went to the room to finally to celebrate this day properly. You went in the room kissing and undressing each other and you landed on the floor, only in your underwear. Your girlfriend is so grateful for this trip you organized that she decides to show to you how happy she is. She takes off her panties and sits on your belly. She touched her pussy and you can see how she gets wetter with every second. She ask... Read More
Nurse lets you inject her Added: 2018-02-05 09:31:22 Nurse lets you inject her You’re a lucky guy. Your girlfriend is the sexiest nurse you can imagine and she’s always horny. Now you’re lying on bed completely naked and she comes to take care of you, like any good nurse would do. She starts off with licking your almost hard cock, teasing you and then sucks you how you like it. She’s the best at it and the pleasure she gives you with her tongue is amazing. She takes of her bra and panties and sits on you so close that you can see every detail of her shaved pussy and she looks at you while touching her clit. She knows it turns you on when she masturbates and she’s so close you can almost lick her sweet wet hole. You can’t wait any... Read More
She will lick your cock like a lollipop Added: 2017-12-11 11:01:41   My boyfriend was supposed to come back home that day and find a surprise wrapped in sexy red lingerie. Of course, I was the said surprise. Watching all this VR Porn gave me an idea of how we can spice things up in bed.    I heard the key in the door and I couldn’t wait for my love to enter the bedroom. When he opened the door to the room, he smiled and immediately came closer to me. Before I knew, he lay naked on the bed and I was sitting on top of him, going down with kisses lower and lower, until I finally brushed my chin against his almost hard cock. I took it in my hand and directed it towards my lips. Before I started to suck him, I looked at his face. I saw in his e... Read More
Horny Lesbians in the office Added: 2017-12-11 10:48:45   So, I called my boyfriend to have a little sex talk at work, because I was bored. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how my pussy was missing my lover’s huge cock. And that is when my boss caught me… No wonder I was very surprised when she told me she wanted some fun, too. I mean, I wanted to stay loyal to my boyfriend, but didn’t wanna lose my job either, so I rolled with it. She unbuttoned her shirt, and did the same thing to mine. Then she put her leg on my desk and showed me her pussy, so perfect and hot. I just couldn’t resist the need to get closer to it. I started licking it and heard my boss moan from my doings. Her reaction made my core wet. My... Read More
Hard VR Sex And Real Experience Added: 2017-12-05 16:09:50   I was just finishing cleaning the dishes after a dinner but my nymphomaniac mind, after watching these all VR Porn movies, was wondering what I could do to a man standing behind me. I met this man a few days ago and I didn’t even remember his name. Didn’t care much, it was all about sex anyways. I took a few steps to stand near him and took his hand, putting it on my ass. Feeling I’ve already wetted my panties, I pulled up the dress and put my ass back on his eyesight for him to continue touching my body. He ran his hand over my pussy and began to caress me through panties. I was so horny, I wanted him to feel as horny as I was. I turned to him and unbuttoned his pant... Read More
Quick Sex With Your Lover Added: 2017-12-05 15:03:52   I don’t know how it happened, booty calling is not really my thing but my wet pussy needed to be filled with my lover’s cock immediately, especially that I’ve watched all this VR Porn recently. I went on the table, getting closer to my sexy lover. He squeezed my tittie and reached for my pussy right away. He slid his finger inside, to which I moaned loudly. "Wet bitch," he hissed in my ear. I stood up and dropped my lacy bodysuit. His eyes on my big tits as I kneeled before him, unbuttoning his zipper. I reached for his dick, took it in my mouth and started sucking. The man made a satisfied moan. I fastened my pace, and started playing with his balls. He grabbe... Read More
Naughty Fiancee Has A Surprise For You Added: 2017-12-05 14:35:09   "I’ve missed you so much, baby," my fiancé murmured into my hair, squeezing me so hard that I could barely breathe. I was glad that he finally came back from the business trip. I had already planned out our day together. He pulled me away suddenly, asking "what exactly is this costume?" while looking at my satin, very short robe. "A surprise for you," I answered. Without saying anything, I dropped my cover. Underneath were only lace panties and stockings. My darling grabbed my butt and squeezed it tight, which made me moan. "Good girl," he said, smiling. He slapped me hard in the butt, the feeling got me wet. I pounced on him, giving... Read More
VR Porn - Naughty Girl Next Door Sex Story Added: 2017-11-29 09:32:40   Ever since the new sexy neighbor moved to the other side of the street, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Some time ago I’ve noticed that he purchased some VR gear from our local VR store and that he’s regularly using it. At first I thought that he’s using it to play VR games but then I realized that’s he’s actually watching the VR porn every day, which made me even more horny about him. Eventually just watching him became insufficient for me so I’ve decided to sneak into his house while he was watching his Virtual Reality porn again. I took his VR headset off and without any words I’ve started to strip off my clothes while telling him who I am, how I was watching him fa... Read More
Hard Fuck With Exotic Tattooed Student Added: 2017-11-29 08:54:18 Immediately after arriving I had unpacked in the room, took a quick shower, and started searching for my victim, which I could fuck without repenting and which would fill my pussy perfectly.As soon as I found out about the possibility of going to a student exchange, I knew I had to go. I dreamed of getting a foreign dick huge and hard just for me. Finally I found the perfect man, looking all preppy and innocent. He looked like the perfect candidate to show to what real fucking is. It was hard to read from his gaze, whether he knew how the evening would end for him. A few drinks, talk about nothing, until he finally invited me over. So he knew. I smiled at him and followed him obedi... Read More
Prisoner’s Raging Shaft Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 One day while I was wondering the prison hallways, one of the prisoners started to yell out comments about me. “I would really like to stick my huge dick between your big tits”, “I want to pull your blonde hair while I am pounding your snatch in the doggy position” he yelled, but I paid no attention to him. However, he kept yelling those comments at me for days, and at one point I just got tired of him so I decided to get inside of his cell. I told him that he will do all of the things that he has been shouting at me, and if he fails to deliver on the things that he was saying, he will end up in an isolated cell for the rest of his pri... Read More
The Naughty Cab Driver Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 This hot brunette babe works as a taxi driver, and during one of her drives, she encountered quite a wonderful experience for herself. She got a call from the dispatch to go to a nearby university, as she arrived, she noticed that a young gentleman was waiting for her. After giving him a nice look, she thought that he is kind of cute and that is a little bit unfortunate that she will not have a chance to do anything with him because he is just a client. As he got into the cab, he told her the destination. It happened to be quite far from the university she picked him up at, which means that they will have a lot of time to at least chat with ea... Read More
Hot MILF Seduces Her Fitness Instructor Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 Since this incredible milf wanted to get in shape, she decided to start going to the gym. After getting all the gear she needed such as running shoes, a tight outfit and a yoga mat, she went to the local gym for the first time. As she entered, she was nicely greeted by one of the instructors. He was very handsome, and since this milf was quite a nympho, she immediately thought to herself that it would feel nice if she could feel his hard cock deep inside of her. However, she knew that would be highly inappropriate as she came to the gym to work out. The fitness instructor took her to a private room where he was about to show her some of the ba... Read More
Cute Princess Seduces Her Stepbrothe... Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 Her mother recently married another man, and that man happened to be quite a successful businessman. Since she was about to attend college, she didn’t really feel like she wants to live in the dorm, especially when her stepdad could purchase her an apartment near the college she was about to go to. One day, when her stepdad was watching tv, this hot teen babe decided to have a little talk with him, and as she asked him if he could purchase or rent an apartment near her college building, he swiftly refused. At that point, she realized that she will have to rethink her strategy. She went to her room, and after doing a little bit of thinking, ... Read More
Hot Girlfriend Has Revenge Sex With ... Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 After being in a relationship with her boyfriend for around two years already, she thought that she thought that she could trust him, however, one day, after he accidentally left his phone at her place, she discovered something that made her very upset. As the phone started ringing, all she could see is that the call is coming from someone who was saved under a contact “Big Tits-Angela”, the contact even had a picture of the girl, and she could not believe it. At first, she thought that he left his phone at her place on purpose, just so he can prank her like this, however, since she was not sure what is going on, she decided to browse his ... Read More
Wonder Woman Needs Some Dick Too Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 It was summer and the town this incredible brunette babe comes from has a tradition to hold one of the biggest conventions in the area. The theme this year was “Super Heroes”, and since this cutie is a big fan of some old school comic books, she decided to cosplay as Wonder Woman. However, since the materials she ordered to make the costume were a bit late, she rushed to finish her cosplay the day before the convention. Even if she made the costume almost perfectly there was a single problem that she could not fix due to no time remaining, and the problem was that her costume was a little bit too tight. However, even if the costume was a b... Read More
Horny Girlfriend Wants To Get Fucked... Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 I have been dating this girl for quite a while now, and our relationship has been just growing and growing. We discovered new things about each other every day, and even if they were weird things, they were fun to know. My girlfriend Jasmine is a sexy brunette babe who really knows how to use her body. When I met her, she had me focus my eyes on her thanks to her seductive movement in just a couple of seconds, and after a couple of drinks, we hit it off great. During the time we have been together, we have tried all sorts of sexual activities. We did all of the positions we saw in porn, sometimes we even experimented on our own, and of course,... Read More
Milf Teaches Her Maid How To Pleasur... Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 Since this hot milf could not handle the cleaning around the house as well as cooking and other chores, she decided to hire a maid. One weekend, her stepson came to visit and the made found him quite attractive, however, she didn’t want to get involved with him because she did not want to lose her job. One day, when she was replacing the sheets on all of the beds in the house, she found her boss’s stepson sleeping. Before she woke him up, she was looking at him for a couple of minutes, enjoying his appearances. When she was going to wake him up, he woke up before she could do anything, and that sort of startled her. She told him that the b... Read More
Hot Mom Seduces Her Son’s Best... Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 It was a hot summer day, and since there is no school, my son’s best friend called my son on the phone and told him that he will be coming over for the weekend since they didn’t see each other for a very long time. My son was very excited to see a guy who he’s been hanging out non-stop when they were in high-school, and I was a bit excited too because it made me wonder how he is now that he is all grown up. While I was cleaning the house, preparing for my son’s best friend’s welcome, I suddenly heard a door bell. I knew that it couldn’t have been my son, because he is at soccer practice, and as I checked who it is, it was his best ... Read More
Student Wants Blackmails His Profess... Added: 2017-09-06 08:48:10 One day, while this student was a bit late to turn in his project before he entered the classroom, he saw his professor making out with another professor from the school. He knew that the school strictly forbids that type of behavior from the professors, and if the board would find out that he was gay, they would probably fire him. He waited around the corner before the classroom until the other professor was gone so he can go in and have a little fun with the professor. After he saw the other professor leave, the student went inside of the classroom and as he was giving him the project, he said that he saw what just happens and that he will t... Read More